Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Steambun Centric

Working on model sheets for Mie. I noticed that i had none for any of my characters which is silly. There are some discrepancies on the expression sheet but they are minor and don't really bug me all that much. I'll put up another post when i finish Mosuke's sheet. Hope everyone's feeling as motivated. :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Jubilee and some womens!!

Okay! So going with the recent theme of re-imagining characters i went with a friends suggestion for Jubilee. As i was working on it i realized i'd gotten really bad at drawing women. After i finished i decided to draw more more female figuers for the next couple of weeks.
 The following are studies going from the earliest to the latest. I will do more in the future moving into more varied shapes and sizes. The goal is to be able to understand the female figure enough that i can draw them without relying too much on the overly pronounced hips and chest. I should also mention that i've been ridiculously inspired by Cory Walker's work as of late, if y'all have a bit of time make sure you check out his work its amazing stuff!

Damn that's a lot of words. Welp i'm out for now. :)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Omega not so Red!

Okay, i seem to be on a bit of a roll here so i'm just gonna keep going. :) Not sure i like my redesign now but seemed good when i was working on it. I'll revisit this one day when i have a better idea.
My first and only inktober entry so far. Revisiting the drawing in the earlier post, the feet here feel more appropriate for crashing through glass. How do i know? Good question, i guess i dont because i've never crashed through a glass window. :) Maybe i'll do another update when i get some solid first hand data.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Spidaaaah Maaaahn!!

I know i said monthly update, but this seems a good reason to break the schedule. :D

Friday, October 10, 2014

Who in the what now!?!

So its been 2 years since my last post. No excuses gonna get back to doing monthly updates. To peeps the kept coming by much thanks, to those that left please comeback :D. Haha that being said here's some stuff.

 Did this for a friends grad film poster. :)
Messing around with a character.

All previous projects are still on the go especially Steambun. :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Return of the comeback!!

Alright, so i have lost sight of my goals and totally stopped drawing.

I've been busy working in studios for a couple of shows like Bob's Burgers and most recently Transformers: Rescue Bots.

I have recently started kicking my ass to get back on the drawing bandwagon and to finally finish (START) a project that's been a long time coming. Matthew Ocasio my good friend from Portland is taking over the writing for Steambun and we've been working on getting the main story figured out and together managed to extend the 1st 5 pages that i did before into a small 13 page teaser. I just finished the last page last night and couldn't be happier to be back drawing again. No colors or words yet, apologies on the clarity as some of the aspects are still missing. Another update soon. Hope everyone is doing well. :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bob's Burger's

Soooooooo i've been away for awhile. :D The show we've been slavin' away on is premiering tonight on Fox right after The Simpsons and Family Guy. Its called Bob's Burgers and its a pretty funny show, some voices might be familiar but i won't spoil it for you guys! :) If you have a chance pls check it out and let me know what you think of the first episode. Personally my favorite one :). I've included a video below for the sneek peek of the series! Cheers and i'll be back uploading soon enough, and thanks to all you peeps who still come by. I didn't even know i've broken the 60 barrier on the little chart on the side there! :D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Here's something i worked on earlier this year for my friend Kwans online magazine The PUBLIC. Other people and i were given pictures and were just told to do something with it. This was the end result of the image i submitted. Click the picture and check out the rest of the issues on their blog, Its great great stuff. Also the last 2 issues have freakin awesome music, whats better than great eye candy and awesome music together? Almost nothing. Also there are really awesome pictures in there that are in and around Vancouver BC, its a real treat!! :) When you get to the site click ISSUES and enjoy!! :D Take care peeps!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hey guys! Haven't been here in a while. :D Much updating to be done. Life's been kicking my ass lately but i plan to fight back soon. (its nothing too bad) :D Just a little something to tide things over.

Have a good one :) !!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Check IT OUT!!!

This sunday was a pleasant surprise when i got a message from a fellow blogger and friend from Spain, Juanma Montiel informing me that he had done a 3d model of one of my robot designs. :D So i went over to his blog and almost instantly had a heart attack while totally geeking out at the same time when I saw Friend-bot in full 3d glory. It's the first time i had seen one of my designs in 3d and i was really taken by surprise, because of how awesome Juanma's 3d work was. The attention to both design and detail like the joints to little touches of his own like the belt and the sherriff star! I love it. I'm a fan for life!!

Now i didn't realize this until after the geek out part and geeked out even more after. Juanma had done this full 3d model based off of just one drawing. ( I must cosnfess that the picture i did on the side there is the only picture i've ever drawn of Friend-bot. I have no concept art or character model sheet of him what so ever.) Just one drawing, man..... 2010 is still young but this is already in the top 3 best parts of the year for me! :D

Thank's Juanma, you are a person of amazing awesomeness! To anyone who reads this, be sure to stop by and check out Juanma's awesome gallery of 2d and 3d works!! :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

You know this pose means someone got EFFED' up

Wow the months went by really fast eh! :D Sorry for the emptiness for the last 2 months. 2010 Got off to a great start and things are already better than last year! Anyways i'll be back to post more later today and to make the rounds! Hope everyone's doing well and feeling great! :)

( ryu is time and i'm the broken shards, i'm really gettin' my ass kicked these days timewise)

I'm starting a Street Fighter Fever draw fest across the blogosphere!! Spread the word and hit me back if you've put one up!

:D Well a couple of people have hit me back for the Street Fighter Fever week that i was trying to start! :D Check out their piece and their awesome gallery of work as well. (more people will be added as the art happens :D )

Sauro Quaglia
Oscar Rosales

Thanks guys!

Monday, November 30, 2009

last minute november post!! :D

Hey peeps!! Been a busy month. So very sorry for the lack of updates. On a good note, our second book is done and we've hit 2 local con's. :D One in Vancouver island and the smaller Vancouver con that happens bi monthly. The reception has been great so far and we're looking forward to our launch party on the 12th of December. Anyways, here is the finished cover that my friend Johnny Castuciano and i worked on.

I did the silhouettes and Johnny took it beyond the stratosphere when he added his line work and finishing touches. It was a real blast and a great experience to work on this 2nd book! :D

I also changed the dinosaur in my previous post to make the situation just a little bit more hectic! :D Thanks to Mike and May Wa for pointing me in the right direction.
On that note. The book will be available online soon. :)

Steambun is still in the works, but has become a bit more of a serious project to me so i will be taking a bit more time with it. I also reworked the line thickness just to put a little bit more weight to the drawings. It feels a little bit more me anyways! :D Let me know what you guys think.Thanks again for dropping by and i hope everyone's doing alright! :D

Friday, September 25, 2009

I wasn't being lazy :P

Hello peeps!! :D So in trying to make up for the lack of proper posts I am here to overwhelm. :D
First off, these are a couple of pictures taken from the September 13 Vancouver Comic Con that seems to happen bi-monthly. Its pretty small in fact but never the less fun and a very good place for networking! :D This was our second time attending and we did very well. Made quite a bit of cash back towards the funding of the next book, got invited to a Pirate Arrrt Show (which we did, if you would believe, better than the actual comic con) and also got invited to the Victoria Comic Con, which is gonna take place in Vancouver island. So overall it's been going very well for our little group SKETCHROSPECTIVE so far, and it hasn't even been a full year since we started. :D
This is right when we got to our table. You can't see it but we had a paper bag full of McDonald's breakfast. I'm being not as helpful as i should be. :| :D hahaha
This was a picture taken before the con started and right after Stephanie and I finished setting our little table up. :D The paintings in the back are Marco's and the one on the easel is the original piece that appears in the book. :)
From left to right. My girlfriend Nicole, Tamara, and Chris (Chan). They were quite the sales people. With them manning the tables and at this point in the day we had sold more than half of our prints and quite a bit of the books. :D Thumbs up guys!! Shaun was chilling in the back all cool like always. :D
This is just right after the con and of course we had to take a group photo. Right beside Nicole is Marco and on camera duties is Johnny. Good times guys!
And in trying to build some hype up for our next book, which is due out in just about another month. I present to you the cover ( i am collaborating with Johnny on this one ), this is my part and i just handed it off to Johnny and i have no doubt that next i see it it will be ten fold better. :D
Inline with the cover, this is 1 of my 2 contributions to the book. :D That being said please look forward to it, its gonna be better and bigger than the first one, over all more awesome!! :D Also our roster just went from 11 to 16, so there won't be a shortage of variety. :) Thanks so much to everybody who keep coming by despite my neglectful ways, i will do right by you in the very near future. Hopefully weekly. :D
Guess while i'm on a roll i'm gonna throw this WIP in as well. I'm doing this one in photoshop so pls bear with me as i haven't really used photoshop since animation school, and that was way back in 2005. Thanks again guys!!! :D

Thursday, August 13, 2009

been very busy

Just a little update till a proper one pops up. Real big thanks for the comments and support on the last post about the books guys. :) I've been away for a bit and i'm super excited to make the rounds, i'll see y'all in a bit. :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dun dun dun

Hey peeps!! Its finally here! We just got the first 50 copies of our book entitled Ninjas Zombies Pirates! Here are a few pictures! :D

Steambun is moving forward ever so slowly as i am also right in the middle of animating some 40+ scenes for another project. I'm hoping to clear my plate of unfinished projects pretty soon.
Thanks for stopping by and hope everyone has a great weekend.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Hello peeps! I didn't mean to be away for too long but i was busy with a couple of things and was sick just this past week. :D glad to be back and functioning.

So ummmm first things first. The image above was made for a book that a bunch of friends and i were working on in the last couple of months. It should be going in for printing this week. Each artist had to submit 2 pieces, this was my 1'st piece. It was a very interesting project, lot of fun and learning and also a lot of alchohol and chicken wings were consumed :D hahaha.

Friends that are also featured in the book:
Chris Chan's blog damaged Kieran jarrett young Johnny Castuciano nicole wang Shaun'sShite
Stephanie Sim dan fung

In other news, yes Steambun Samurai is still in the works, all the pages are cleaned up, but i am a week behind schedule because of being sick. :D So here is the 2nd page preview and i will be back with more next week, hopefully with everything done! :D I'll get back to everybody as soon as i can. Much thanks for stopping by guys, i hope everybody has a great week ahead!! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hi guys, just something i whipped up quickly this morning to help tide things over until i do a proper update :). Sorry for the unkempt schedule and the sloppy colours.

Thanos and Adam Warlock were some of my favourite characters from when i was a kid. Thanos is one of my all time favourite villains ahead of even Doctor Octopus and Dr. Doom. His badassness is unmatched.

I will be updating Steambun Samurai at around the 2nd week of may. Things are quite busy as i am also working on another project with an awesome bunch of people that i hope to be announcing soon! :) Exciting stuff. Anyway's, thanks to everyone for stopping by and the very kind and awesome comments. I'll make it a point to get back at everybody this weekend. Hope everyone had a productive week, looking forward to the next.