Friday, January 23, 2009

mall outing

well i went to the mall today with jarret chan and shaun today. and this is what i came up with :D!chan was about the only one in the whole entire food court that held a pose long enough for me to get somewhere with so here we go! :D
here's a quick thing of hulk and thing which oddly enough started with me trying to draw two eggs. :D
this was from the last mall sketch trip but i figured what the hell.
this one i did for my sister's class in which she deals with kids with autism. this is Kosta, one of her students. this illustration is to be used for showing them how loud they are and where they would prefer them to be. it was fun! :D

anyhow thats all i got for now. some exciting stuff in the works :D stay tuned!! take care e'rbody! :)