Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Check IT OUT!!!

This sunday was a pleasant surprise when i got a message from a fellow blogger and friend from Spain, Juanma Montiel informing me that he had done a 3d model of one of my robot designs. :D So i went over to his blog and almost instantly had a heart attack while totally geeking out at the same time when I saw Friend-bot in full 3d glory. It's the first time i had seen one of my designs in 3d and i was really taken by surprise, because of how awesome Juanma's 3d work was. The attention to both design and detail like the joints to little touches of his own like the belt and the sherriff star! I love it. I'm a fan for life!!

Now i didn't realize this until after the geek out part and geeked out even more after. Juanma had done this full 3d model based off of just one drawing. ( I must cosnfess that the picture i did on the side there is the only picture i've ever drawn of Friend-bot. I have no concept art or character model sheet of him what so ever.) Just one drawing, man..... 2010 is still young but this is already in the top 3 best parts of the year for me! :D

Thank's Juanma, you are a person of amazing awesomeness! To anyone who reads this, be sure to stop by and check out Juanma's awesome gallery of 2d and 3d works!! :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

You know this pose means someone got EFFED' up

Wow the months went by really fast eh! :D Sorry for the emptiness for the last 2 months. 2010 Got off to a great start and things are already better than last year! Anyways i'll be back to post more later today and to make the rounds! Hope everyone's doing well and feeling great! :)

( ryu is time and i'm the broken shards, i'm really gettin' my ass kicked these days timewise)

I'm starting a Street Fighter Fever draw fest across the blogosphere!! Spread the word and hit me back if you've put one up!

:D Well a couple of people have hit me back for the Street Fighter Fever week that i was trying to start! :D Check out their piece and their awesome gallery of work as well. (more people will be added as the art happens :D )

Sauro Quaglia
Oscar Rosales

Thanks guys!