Monday, May 25, 2009


Hello peeps! I didn't mean to be away for too long but i was busy with a couple of things and was sick just this past week. :D glad to be back and functioning.

So ummmm first things first. The image above was made for a book that a bunch of friends and i were working on in the last couple of months. It should be going in for printing this week. Each artist had to submit 2 pieces, this was my 1'st piece. It was a very interesting project, lot of fun and learning and also a lot of alchohol and chicken wings were consumed :D hahaha.

Friends that are also featured in the book:
Chris Chan's blog damaged Kieran jarrett young Johnny Castuciano nicole wang Shaun'sShite
Stephanie Sim dan fung

In other news, yes Steambun Samurai is still in the works, all the pages are cleaned up, but i am a week behind schedule because of being sick. :D So here is the 2nd page preview and i will be back with more next week, hopefully with everything done! :D I'll get back to everybody as soon as i can. Much thanks for stopping by guys, i hope everybody has a great week ahead!! :)