Thursday, February 26, 2009

ruffs and stuff

Welp, this is Rebecca from Resident Evil. I always thought she was very well designed and is my favourite character from the series! :D I think i'm slowly getting comfortable with coloring, and yet there are still so many things to improve upon! This year feels like its gonna be a wild ride towards improvement :) *the road is loooooooooooooooong....

A couple more sketches from this week's trip to the mall! Definitely a more intresting crowd from last week! :D good times!

hope erbody's doin' alright! keep them pencils movin!! :D :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

experiments and []\/[]A[]_[]_S :D!!

First off, a quick thanks for the support and feedback from the last post to all you peeps! Y'all really fire me up!!

Alright this is an experiment of a filter like the ones seen in old films or grindhouse movies (been playing house of the dead overkill and it has inspired me to try something new out :D) Not really close to what i envisioned but turned out pretty cool hahaha.

These last 2 are from this mondays mall sketch trip with Jarret and Chan. It was weird because everyone in the food court had a sad face on, maybe cause it was monday :D! Anyways it was fun! Good times i say, good times!!

How was everyone Else's week?

Friday, February 6, 2009

project # 1!

well i was a little hesitant to post about this but since i had nothing better to post i thought what the hell.

this is probably whats gonna keep me busy this year. i'm in the process of designing a couple more characters and fleshing out the storyline. the working title right now is Maskara ( which in my native tongue Tagalog means Mask.) I know pretty unimaginative but keep in mind its a work in progress :D and the name may change at a later date. i have 2 friends i'm working closely with on this and they lurk within the blogosphere. i trust them a lot and hopefully i can show you more when the time comes. the ultimate goal is to have a book out by the end of this year early next year.

cheers and let me know what you think of this yet unamed character! :D