Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hi guys, just something i whipped up quickly this morning to help tide things over until i do a proper update :). Sorry for the unkempt schedule and the sloppy colours.

Thanos and Adam Warlock were some of my favourite characters from when i was a kid. Thanos is one of my all time favourite villains ahead of even Doctor Octopus and Dr. Doom. His badassness is unmatched.

I will be updating Steambun Samurai at around the 2nd week of may. Things are quite busy as i am also working on another project with an awesome bunch of people that i hope to be announcing soon! :) Exciting stuff. Anyway's, thanks to everyone for stopping by and the very kind and awesome comments. I'll make it a point to get back at everybody this weekend. Hope everyone had a productive week, looking forward to the next.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hey guys! I've been trying to update more frequently, like every 10 days but this last 2 weeks have been pretty busy!

Anyways I'm super stoked to let you peeps know that i'm launching the Steambun Samurai blog which is a comic i'll be working on mostly to learn and earn some comic booking chops, while at the same time trying to entertain you guys. Sound like a good deal? Hopefully!! Anyways the picture above is the 2 main characters Mosuke (big guy) and Mie ( the little girl), which will also be the new header for the afformentioned blog! :D Anyways roll on over for more details. Looking forward to this. I hope you guys will aswell! :)

Above are the process images of the rough and the cleaned image before i started moving things around. :D My roughs are very incomplete because i mostly try to just get some energy in my lines and then i'm happy :D. Something else i have to get better at though is keeping the same energy in my clean up which i find i lose a lot of.

Well that's it for this update, stay tuned next week for an even bigger update and kind of a surprise :)!! Wishin' everybody a crazy productive week! whooooop!!