Monday, November 30, 2009

last minute november post!! :D

Hey peeps!! Been a busy month. So very sorry for the lack of updates. On a good note, our second book is done and we've hit 2 local con's. :D One in Vancouver island and the smaller Vancouver con that happens bi monthly. The reception has been great so far and we're looking forward to our launch party on the 12th of December. Anyways, here is the finished cover that my friend Johnny Castuciano and i worked on.

I did the silhouettes and Johnny took it beyond the stratosphere when he added his line work and finishing touches. It was a real blast and a great experience to work on this 2nd book! :D

I also changed the dinosaur in my previous post to make the situation just a little bit more hectic! :D Thanks to Mike and May Wa for pointing me in the right direction.
On that note. The book will be available online soon. :)

Steambun is still in the works, but has become a bit more of a serious project to me so i will be taking a bit more time with it. I also reworked the line thickness just to put a little bit more weight to the drawings. It feels a little bit more me anyways! :D Let me know what you guys think.Thanks again for dropping by and i hope everyone's doing alright! :D