Friday, September 25, 2009

I wasn't being lazy :P

Hello peeps!! :D So in trying to make up for the lack of proper posts I am here to overwhelm. :D
First off, these are a couple of pictures taken from the September 13 Vancouver Comic Con that seems to happen bi-monthly. Its pretty small in fact but never the less fun and a very good place for networking! :D This was our second time attending and we did very well. Made quite a bit of cash back towards the funding of the next book, got invited to a Pirate Arrrt Show (which we did, if you would believe, better than the actual comic con) and also got invited to the Victoria Comic Con, which is gonna take place in Vancouver island. So overall it's been going very well for our little group SKETCHROSPECTIVE so far, and it hasn't even been a full year since we started. :D
This is right when we got to our table. You can't see it but we had a paper bag full of McDonald's breakfast. I'm being not as helpful as i should be. :| :D hahaha
This was a picture taken before the con started and right after Stephanie and I finished setting our little table up. :D The paintings in the back are Marco's and the one on the easel is the original piece that appears in the book. :)
From left to right. My girlfriend Nicole, Tamara, and Chris (Chan). They were quite the sales people. With them manning the tables and at this point in the day we had sold more than half of our prints and quite a bit of the books. :D Thumbs up guys!! Shaun was chilling in the back all cool like always. :D
This is just right after the con and of course we had to take a group photo. Right beside Nicole is Marco and on camera duties is Johnny. Good times guys!
And in trying to build some hype up for our next book, which is due out in just about another month. I present to you the cover ( i am collaborating with Johnny on this one ), this is my part and i just handed it off to Johnny and i have no doubt that next i see it it will be ten fold better. :D
Inline with the cover, this is 1 of my 2 contributions to the book. :D That being said please look forward to it, its gonna be better and bigger than the first one, over all more awesome!! :D Also our roster just went from 11 to 16, so there won't be a shortage of variety. :) Thanks so much to everybody who keep coming by despite my neglectful ways, i will do right by you in the very near future. Hopefully weekly. :D
Guess while i'm on a roll i'm gonna throw this WIP in as well. I'm doing this one in photoshop so pls bear with me as i haven't really used photoshop since animation school, and that was way back in 2005. Thanks again guys!!! :D