Sunday, October 26, 2014

Omega not so Red!

Okay, i seem to be on a bit of a roll here so i'm just gonna keep going. :) Not sure i like my redesign now but seemed good when i was working on it. I'll revisit this one day when i have a better idea.
My first and only inktober entry so far. Revisiting the drawing in the earlier post, the feet here feel more appropriate for crashing through glass. How do i know? Good question, i guess i dont because i've never crashed through a glass window. :) Maybe i'll do another update when i get some solid first hand data.


Khylov said...

Good stuff, Steambun-san. Liking the shape choices with your faces.

Sauro Quaglia said...

Good to see you. You are always an inspiration :)

Oscar Rosales said...

I just noticed you left a comment on my blog, nice to hear from you man! I'll be honest with you, I don't use blogger as much but I'm trying hard to keep it alive since it was my first social media site I joined. Your work is awesome as always. Let me know if you're on Instagram so I can follow your works there as well (mine is @bleenkies1). Keep your posts coming! Take care!

TH3DEN said...

Thanks Oscar! I'll def let you know when i hop on. I need to get on instagram and tumbler at some point. I'll make sure i follow you work from there too. Thanks for stopping by! :)